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A Digital Safe Deposit Box

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BestBequest®s safe and secure cloud-based safe deposit box preserves your estate, essential documents, photographs and digital media in an easy to update personal archive
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Peace of Mind

Natural disasters and unexpected losses occur everywhere around the globe.

Introducing LegacyVault® — a digital safe deposit box so advanced, it sets a new standard for security, organization and preservation.

BestBequest was specifically designed to seamlessly and efficiently deliver unprecedented solutions to those under duress.

The service helps your loved ones by providing them with essential information, empowering them to respond to circumstances together, effectively and efficiently.

Using BestBequest as a key component of your estate plan provides you with Peace of Mind for when the unexpected occurs.




"As I explore BestBequest I am convinced that it is exactly the right thing at the right time!"


the estate preservation process

BestBequest has created a safe, rich, interactive and engaging experience that walks you through the process of building your individual estate profile

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BestBequest features


You are asked specific questions to help organize your estate information.

For example: End of Life arrangements Legal & Financial information. copies of documents such as: Wills, DNRs, and durable power of attorneys, property deeds, and insurance policies. Creation and storage of videos offering instructions, guidance and advice.

Plus other special instructions you may wish to share

Future Correspondence

Messages can be scheduled for up to 20 years in the future.

Send e-mail and video messages on a specified date to family, friends, and business associates.

Media Vault

A Private Media Depository where you can save, sort, and share photos and videos.

Files are kept in their original file sizes; we do not truncate files

Files are safely stored in several locations, safe from being lost or destroyed

Provide each of your heirs a complete or customized copy of your vault

We don't sell or share any data whatsoever.

Why plan?

With BestBequest your loved ones benefit from the preservation and organization of your estate. A BestBequest protection plan can help mitigate the negative impact and consequences that may occur by not being prepared or having your loved ones well informed.

Not having a valid "Will" may affect you in two ways:

1.) Any specific instruction you may have had may not be followed.

2) The probate court may appoint a professional to manage the distribution of your estate for a fee. They will have complete administrative and financial control and will determine how your estate is settled within the guidelines of your specific state probate laws.

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family eating
What's your estate?
Your estate consists of everything you own, including:
  • home
  • personal property
  • investments
  • bank accounts
  • retirement plans
  • online passwords
  • life insurance
  • living will
  • trust
  • power of attorney
    {financial + medical}
  • digital media / pictures
  • any interests in a family
    business or partnership
  • beneficiary designation
    forms — who inherits any
    or all of your
    retirement assets
Your treasures

Your legacy is more than just your financial records and vital statistics — it's also the stories, memories and traditions you want to pass on to future generations. BestBequest helps you preserve these priceless memories and details that give a special meaning and understanding of your life — your family legacy.

Security and Privacy are our top priorities
BestBequest has a multi-tiered approached to protecting your personal assets.
You are protected 24/7 - 365 by BestBequest's system-wide use of a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES is used by most financial institutions and U.S. government agencies.

Security and Privacy Features


We do not share, sell, or give any data or email addresses to any company unless for the limited reasons stated in our privacy policy.

Active Penetration Tests by independent security risk companies tests BestBequest's platform for security vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

BestBequest utilizes the latest advancements in security techniques.

We do not allow third party plugins or cookies


BestBequest's personnel cannot read or access your data.

Two-tier security system requires you to enter two different passwords in order to access your data.

Two layers of encryption: The first layer is system wide and is part of the Company's source code. The second layer is created by your unique personalized encryption security key, a patent pending feature unique to BestBequest.

There are other security features used throughout the site that are not disclosed.

Your Assets

BestBequest does not truncate your files. Your files are kept in their original file size.

Your files are safely stored in several locations — safe from being lost or destroyed.

BestBequest does not ask for nor require a license covering any of your digital assets as a condition to use our service — unlike other sites. All of your data is 100% yours.

BestBequest does not rent, sell, lease, or give away any data of any type.

Global Accessibility
your plan + our vault = anytime

BestBequest's proprietary cloud-based LegacyVault with encryption provides you with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year global access to your profile, essential documents, photos, and videos

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